"A year has already passed since we celebrated Walvoil's 50th anniversary. To do so, we chose the Corte Tegge area, in Reggio Emilia - Italy, now enlarged production site and headquarters of the new Innovation Center, and technical and technological beating heart for the company's development in Italy and worldwide.

From here we would like to mark our 50+1 anniversary, the beginning of a new year and a future, which we know will be increasingly determined by the people and talents that are part of Walvoil, and by the relationships that we have been able to build over all these years, starting from those with schools, institutes, universities, research centers, with which we share paths and projects, and with the communities we are part of.

It is a building site of ideas, skills and passion, in Italy and in the world of our foreign subsidiaries".

To everyone, my renewed gratitude".

FABIO MARASI - President and CEO Walvoil Group